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Melissa Dy

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My Story

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website!!!

I am Melissa, your Scentsy lady! I am a grandmother of four, a mother of four, and a wife to an equally funny and hardworking man! ❤️

I am now five years in remission from Stage 2B Gray Zone Lymphoma!!! I am a self proclaimed ADHD/OCD person. 🤣 I love meeting people and sharing with them my experiences. I love helping and seeing people succeed! My passion is in customer service. My dream was to be a lawyer, but my parents couldn't support me financially so I ended up taking Tourism and Travel.

I think my purpose is to help people by listening, nurturing, guiding, and learning from them too.

I joined Scentsy in 2019 as a smart shopper, I stayed because I totally love the mission and vision of the company, and I find my purpose by being a Scentsy Consultant.

I would love to help people find their purpose in life too! Let's chat about our Fs!!! ❤️


Melissa Dy
Ph: 021 0260 1890
FB: Sweet S-Mel-ly Queen Bee

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